The hand-knotted rugs by Roman Uranjek and Radenko Milak are original artworks in the form of a rug. Each rug is unique. The pieces are based on the well-known project At Least One Cross a Day After 1.1.2002, in which Uranjek is creating three to four artworks involving a cross per day for the last 19 years. The archive of the project today includes more than 25.000 artworks with at least a thousand of them fitting the form of a rug.

The rugs are handmade by a local artisan in Bosnia & Herzegovina from sheep wool died with ecological dies. The authors advise the carpet to be used on the floor and walked over for five to fifteen years to achieve patina and then hung on a wall or display them hanged directly as a new original artwork.

This catalogue presents the first few created rugs and a selection of sketches for rugs yet to be made. The rugs can be made in dimensions up to 4x12 m. The price of one square meter of rug is 933€.

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